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Transport Plans for the London Area by John Rowland

The original and extremely comprehensive guide to transport plans in London.

Transport for London

The obvious site for information about London's transport is the governing body in charge of the London Underground, buses, trams, the Docklands Light Railway, taxis, the major road network (except motorways), the Victoria Coach Station, "London Rail" and river services.

Department for Transport (Rail Division)

Directs railways across the country, including London.

Going Underground

Annie Mole's site is a fun guide to the London Underground and is well worth a visit - if you're a commuter you'll appreciate it, and if you're not, you'll learn why Londoners have a love-hate relationship with the tube!

Going Underground Daily Diary

Not content with a single excellent site, Annie has an (almost)award-winning weblog; it's funny and worth bookmarking so you can keep up to date with her travels.

Clive's Underground Line Guides

This is an extremely informative and detailed source for anything you need to know about the history and layout of the routes of the 12 Underground lines, plus the DLR and Tramlink. It's part of an even larger site full of rail information.

Tube Prune (Tube Professionals' Rumour Network)

A site from the inside, it has extremely detailed plans of planned changes to the subsurface network as part of the PPP, amongst a variety of other useful pieces of information, and is well worth visiting to get up to date on the Underground scene.

District Dave

Another immensely detailed site from the inside, District Dave is (as name suggests) a driver (or rather train operator!) on the District Line and has a site filled with useful information on the Underground and how it works.

Open Guide to London

In a similar style to Wikipedia, the Open Guides are community-edited guide sites to various cities - the flagship and therefore most extensive site is the London site. As with any "Wiki", user submissions are encouraged - they can always be corrected or added to later by other users.

Transport World

Transport World has a lively forum with all manner of transport discussion taking place.

London Travelwatch

Official watchdog representing passengers' interests in London.

Carter's Unofficial Guide to the London Underground

Good descriptions of the trains, art and sounds you might encounter whilst travelling on the Tube.

Information on some of the far-flung branches of the Underground and surface railways, as well as the ghosts rumoured to haunt the network, and the various non-Underground tunnels under the city.

The District Line

From a District Line driver, this site has photos and technical information to please the most technically-demanding Underground enthusiast. - London

Bags of information, book references and links to more information about London's metro system. The site itself has information about a huge number of metros all over the world.

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