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Rail Clapham Junction congestion relief

A third entrance to Clapham Junction station, on St John's Hill, would relieve overcrowding and accommodate future growth if the East London Line arrives here.

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New entrance

The current main entrance to Clapham Junction is located on St John's Hill, by the Falcon Road/St John's Road crossroads. It is badly congested during peak periods, with the ticket machines located here. (A second entrance is located on the north side of the staton in Grant Road).

This new entrance would be created through refurbishment of the old LBSCR (London, Brighton and South Coast Railway) buildings at the southwestern portion of the station on St John's Hill. As the LBSCR building is partway up the hill from the main entrance, it would open out (on the level) onto the footbridge than spans all platforms, relieving pressure on the subway further to the east that links the two current entrances with all platforms.

An additional exit from this new ticket office would open into Brighton Yard, just off St John's Hill; cycle parking and a taxi rank could be located here, making the current station entrance more pedestrian and bus-friendly.

In the longer term, the new entrance would provide for step-free access if lifts were provided from the footbridge down to each platform (which will be quite expensive for all 16 platforms).

Network Rail are currently negotiating with the existing owners of the LBSCR buildings; the plan is being progressed jointly with SWT (who are looking at the extra staffing costs), TfL London Rail and Wandsworth Council.

New bus station

Separately, plans are proposed for reconstructing the bus stand area on Grant Road outside the northern entrance. These bus stands are overcrowded with an increased number of buses terminating here. Proposals are being developed to turn this area into a proper bus station with access to the new East London Line extension which could arrive on this side of the station after 2011.

Longer term

In the longer term, new rail capacity (providing congestion relief) could be created at Clapham Junction through Crossrail 2, along with the Orbirail proposals.


No current news for this project.

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