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Tube Bakerloo Line extension to Camberwell

A long-planned southern extension of the Bakerloo line could take it to Camberwell and beyond.


Bakerloo line capacity is underused on the southern section past Waterloo, particularly northbound in the morning peak and vice versa in the southern peak.

Plans were created in the 1930s to extend the line to the poorly-served area of Camberwell, and powers were awarded to construct the extension, but the war stopped any construction taking place, except for some new sidings under the Walworth Road.

The plans were resurrected in the 1950s with an intermediate station at Walworth, with some test tunnels being dug, but once again the plans died. A further attempt was made in the 1970s, including a further onward route from Camberwell to Peckham Rye station, but again the extension plans disappeared.

Modern plan

Whilst the current plans for the Bakerloo extension are vague and certainly a low priority, TfL want safeguarding for this extension put into the masterplan proposals for Elephant & Castle's regeneration.

Current thinking is for a route via Camberwell, Denmark Hill and Herne Hill to Tulse Hill.

Competing proposals

The mooted City Tram would serve the Elephant - Walworth - Camberwell axis with a street tram along Camberwell Road.

There are also aspirations by Network Rail to reopen an overground station at Camberwell.

TfL identified the gap in additional public transport provision in this area in their Transport 2025 strategy document. They suggested that the options for solving this include either a Bakerloo or Northern line extension southwards to relieve the Victoria line and some overground services [TfL: T2025]. A southwards extension of the Northern line from Kennington could permit the line to be split into two separate (and thus more reliable) lines, as long as improved interchange capacity were created at Kennington and Camden Town.


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Camberwell Tube extension mooted once again
2006-02-10 14:58:56

A letter written by the Mayor to campaigners in Camberwell has said that TfL are considering long-term proposals to extend Tube lines to better serve inner south London. The possibilities mentioned were a Bakerloo line extension to Camberwell, a Northern line extension from Kennington and a Victoria line extension from Brixton.

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