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Bus Fuel cell bus trial

London Buses have successfully trialled 3 hydrogen fuel cell buses on central London's route RV1.

Three Daimler Chrysler hydrogen fuel cell buses were operated by FirstGroup on route RV1 as part of a European trial in 9 cities of this technology. They operated over 3,400 hours and travelled 23,000 miles, with excellent reliability, according to TfL.

The trial has been extended to January 2007 on route RV1, to test further the higher-than-expected levels of mechanical reliability.


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Fuel cell bus introduction target
2006-03-01 19:33:19

Following the successul fuel cell bus trial, a target of 70 hydrogen fuel cell buses on London's bus network by 2010 has been set by the Mayor, to provide an incentive to the industry to prepare for delivering the vehicles and refuelling infrastructure.

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