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Road Heathrow congestion charge

Congestion charging is being considered at Heathrow to raise money for public transport improvements and reduce emissions.

Congestion charging is being considered as part of a move by government to reduce pollution at Heathrow and improve public transport.

Without any reduction in traffic levels, it will be impossible to meet strict EU emissions caps for airports, due to come in by 2010. If emissions are not reduced, then the third runway proposed for Heathrow could not be built.

Public transport improvements could include projects such as Airtrack, which would permit rail services from Heathrow to reach a variety of non-London destinations - vital to attract airport passengers from outside London onto public transport.


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Heathrow access toll could fund transport projects
2005-11-19 07:07:37

A number of options are being considered by BAA to encourage car drivers to switch to public transport, including an access charge of 5 or more or heavily increased parking charges. The revenue would be used to help to fund Airtrack, a new railway connecting the airport to areas to the south and west.

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