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Rail Hackney stations interchange

Improvements are being investigated by TfL Rail to the interchange between Hackney Downs and Hackney Central stations.


There are two stations in Hackney town centre (see map). Hackney Downs station is on the 'one' route between Liverpool Street and Enfield, Cheshunt and Hertford. Hackney Central is on the North London Line.

The two stations are only about 300m from each other as the crow flies, but the interchange between them involves an awkward and indirect (400m) walk along Amhurst Road.


TfL Rail are looking at the possibility of introducing a pedestrian link between the two stations along the sides of the two railways. A document from LB Hackney refers to this link as "extended platforms".


No current news for this project.

Links & Sources

  1. LB Hackney: Hackney town centre action plan (transport baseline report)

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