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DLR Langdon Park DLR Station

A new DLR station will serve the Langdon Park estate between All Saints and Devons Road.

There is an unusually large gap between All Saints and Devons Road DLR stations on the Stratford branch. The area that the branch passes through is a residential estate of Bromley centred on Langdon Park.

The local regeneration organisation, Leaside Regeneration Ltd, wanted a station to be built here for regenerative purposes.

Initially, whilst there was a good case for regeneration, the business case of the station was poor, and DLR would not fund the cost themselves. However, the DfT provided 5.7m from the Community Infrastructure Fund, with the remainder of the 7.5m project funded by Leaside Regeneration.

Redevelopment of the housing estates to the east of the railway line at Langdon Park is planned.

The station at Langdon Park will be located between Carmen St and Hay Currie St, at the location of an existing footbridge, which will be replaced as part of the station.


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Work begins on Langdon Park DLR
2006-11-17 17:52:03

Work began today on a new 7.5m station at Langdon Park, on DLR's Stratford branch between All Saints and Devons Road stations.

Funding approved for Langdon Park DLR station
2006-02-20 13:28:30

5.7m has been assigned from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister's (ODPM) Community Infrastructure Fund (CIF) towards the construction of a new DLR station at Langdon Park, between All Saints and Devons Road DLR stations.

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