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Tube Croxley Link

A minor connection between Croxley LU and the disused Croxley Green rail branch would allow Met trains into Watford High St and Junction.

This is a project requiring relatively little work - the only new construction required is a new bridge over the road from Croxley to Croxley Green, and a short new alignment east of Croxley Green where the branch has been severed by a road.

Unfortunately, the project is dogged by funding issues. The SRA didn't want to fund it because it's not a rail project; TfL didn't want to fund it because it falls outside of the Greater London area for which they are responsible.

In fact the whole project falls within Hertfordshire - who were reluctant to fund it because they have responsibility for neither rail nor Underground. This is unfortunate since the project, at 65m, is relatively cheap.

Some progress was made in 2005 with TfL working with Herts CC on the project. TfL included a contribution of 18m to this project in their 5-year investment programme, announced in October. A TfL board meeting in February 2006 noted that land purchase for the extension had been agreed but that the purchase was "unlikely to take place until early 2006". [TfL board meeting, 08 Feb 06]

More recently, the Department for Transport announced a ten-year programme for the East of England region which included tentative plans to make funds available for the project in the period 2009/10 to 2015/16. [DfT (East) press release, 6 Jul 06]

See TfL's project map.

Theoretically the project would mean current Watford Metropolitan line trains would all be diverted from the current Watford station (which is actually in a housing estate by Cassiobury Park). However, the LUL page on the project says that closure of Watford Met is "possible" rather than certain - although it is certain that retaining services to Watford Met would result in a frequency dilution.

Trains would run to Watford Junction, the mainline station for Watford at which Virgin and Siverlink stop. Other stations served would include Ascot Road (very close to the disused Croxley Green station), Watford West and Watford High Street (in use for Silverlink Metro services).

Services to Watford Junction would run "at least every ten minutes" according to TfL.

Watford Stadium station would not reopen as part of the Croxley Link - it is considered too close to Watford West, which would have an extra eastern exit and direct pedestrian link constructed for passengers for the stadium and the hospital. Platforms and parts of the station at existing Watford High Street and Watford Junction stations would be refurbished.

The former Croxley Green branch is single track - it would all be doubled for LUL services.

There is also potential (although no definite plan) for Chiltern Railways services from Aylesbury via Amersham (or similarly LU services from Amersham or Chesham) to serve Watford Junction since a direct link already exists for southbound trains from Rickmansworth to reach the Watford Metropolitan line branch.


No current news for this project.

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