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Tube Park Royal Central Line station

A Central Line station will provided at Park Royal for interchange with the Piccadilly line and to serve new developments.

Impression of Park Royal Central Line platforms
Artist's impression of Park Royal Central Line station

As part of the development works at Park Royal, it has been agreed that a new Central Line station will be provided with the platforms running east of the Masons Green Lane bridge, which connects Coronation Road to Park Royal Piccadilly Line station.

A plan of the area around the station is available online (thanks to Martin Howard).

Three new Central Line trains will be required to maintain the current level of service whilst additionally serving Park Royal.

This will provide an interchange between the lines, albeit with a walk of some 200m. This is because Her Majesty's Rail Inspectorate (HMRI) will not allow new platforms to be constructed on a slope (which the Piccadilly Line is at this point) - otherwise the Piccadilly station would have been moved northwards to provide a short interchange.

It has also been rumoured that a main line station could be provided in the future (although further west so that an existing works siding could be retained). The main line here is a little-used line from Paddington to South Ruislip on the Chiltern line, via Greenford, and further traffic along this line is unlikely due to congestion at the Paddington approaches (although Crossrail may help reduce this congestion at Paddington).


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  1. Streetmap: Park Royal

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