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A 900km network of cycle routes with measures to give cyclists priority and/or safety is being realised across London.

In reality this 900km project is known as the London Cycle Network Plus (LCN+); the full LCN project consists of 3000km of signed cycle routes.

Most of the London Cycle Network improvements are carried out by the London Boroughs on behalf of Transport for London, so the best information is to be found spread across their sites.

Find your borough here: Brent's clickable map.

Under the TfL Business Plan, 12m will be spent on cycling in 2004-5, rising to 30m in 2009-10. TfL aim to triple the number of cycle trips by this time.


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Assembly says cycle network behind schedule
2005-11-19 07:04:33

A report by the London Assembly has criticised the London Cycle Network Plus as being seven years behind schedule due to a lack of political will from local authorities - although TfL claims the network is on time.

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