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Rail York Way Station

A station could be constructed on the North London Line at York Way, to serve the King's Cross railway land development. Interchange could be possible with the Tube by reopening the long-disused York Road Piccadilly Line station.

North London Line

Both Islington and Hackney councils have a desire for the York Way station to be constructed on the North London Line in order to serve the massive development planned for the former King's Cross railway lands.

Construction is currently prohibited by work on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link which surfaces near here for its final approach to St. Pancras.

Piccadilly Line

The nearby disused York Road Piccadilly Line station, closed since 1932, also has potential to serve these developments. Interchange would therefore be possible although limited since the Piccadilly line station would be close to the Randell's Road junction which is several hundred metres south of the North London Line (this is a similar situation to Camden Road / Camden Town).

A review of a possible re-opening of York Road by LU determined that the new station would attract 3.2m passengers per annum, compared to the 38.4m passengers using services through the site on the Piccadilly line.

Unfortunately, a benefit analysis reported that the disbenefit caused by slowing the journey times of those 38.4m passengers would significantly outweigh the benefit for the 3.2m passengers using the rebuilt station. The costs of reconstruction to modern standards would also be extremely expensive.

Cross River Tram

It is intended that the Cross River Tram will serve the King's Cross railway lands, at a stop currently designated "King's Cross North" but not planned in detail since the nature of the developments is not 100% certain. This stop would be in the vicinity of both prospective stations.


No current news for this project.

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