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Rail Imperial Wharf Station

Developers St George will provide a new station on the West London Line at Chelsea Harbour as part of their Imperial Wharf development

Artists' impression of Imperial Wharf station [from St George PLC]

In June 2003, the SRA announced that St George would provide a new station at Imperial Wharf, just west of Lots Road, as part of their development there.

This station will initially be built for 4-car trains, with an extension possible for 8-car trains at a later date. Service improvements are hoped for in future.

On a related note, another station is also being provided north of here on the West London Line to serve the new White City development with interchange at Shepherd's Bush to the Central Line.

Adding these stations places a capacity burden on the West London Line which is already heavily used by freight services from the southeast to the north, and therefore once these stations are open it will not be possible to provide any further stations such as Battersea High Street or North Pole, without increasing capacity on the route. (See House of Commons Hansard Debates for 03 Feb 04).

An extra train each peak hour will be added, increasing peak frequency to 3tph. Off-peak frequency will initially remain at 2tph, but is set to increase within a few years as part of plans for London Overground.

Upon opening, only Silverlink's Willesden - Clapham trains will serve the station, not Southern's Watford - Brighton services.

Start of construction on Imperial Wharf has been delayed repeatedly, and its escalating cost is currently subject to a clash between the local authorities, the developers, and Network Rail.


No current news for this project.

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