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Rail Brockley high level platforms

Hackney's East London Line Group and the LTUC want to see interchange platforms provided on the Nunhead-Lewisham line at Brockley.

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The Nunhead - Lewisham line, served by South Eastern, passes just to the north of Brockley station, served by South Central. There have been no platforms on thh Nunhead - Lewisham line here since 1917.

Providing platforms here would enable interchange between east-west and north-south services, vastly improving journeys between central south London and south east London, e.g. Croydon to Lewisham or Woolwich.

The Brockley Cross Action Group estimates possible time savings for Lewisham to Croydon of 8-13 minutes over the existing route via London Bridge, and journeys from Brockley to Victoria would take half the time.

However, the following response was received in December 2004 to a written question by Darren Johnson (Assembly Member for this area):

Initial conclusions are that it is not possible to generate a financially sound Business Case to build a new station at Brockley High Level. As a result, no further work will be carried out in the short term to progress this initiative.

In the longer term, however, the aspiration for a high level station at Brockley will be incorporated into a formal “Rail Corridor Plan” for the routes between London and the southern Boroughs.


No current news for this project.

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  1. Brockley Cross Action Group: High level station campaign

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