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Other Brent Cross redevelopment and new station

Redevelopment of the area to the north and south of Staples Corner will result in a new town centre with a high quality bus corridor and new railway station.

Brent Cross: New Town Centre

The development spans a large area including the Hendon town centre (around The Broadway), all the area south of Park Road and between the A5 Edgware Road and the A41 Hendon Way, down to the A407 Cricklewood Lane.

A new commercial centre will be developed to the south of the North Circular, with a new High Street which runs through this area and crosses the North Circular (with a new bridge replacing the Tempelhof Avenue bridge). The commercial centre includes a landmark 40-storey tower adjacent to Staples Corner. Up to 7,500 new homes are also planned as part of the development.

Existing vehicular access to the Brent Cross Shopping Centre will generally remain, with access to the new High Street (for public transport only) via the existing connection to Tempelhof Avenue, along with a new bridge across the Midland Mainline (MML) opposite Oxgate Gardens on the Edgware Road, the current Claremont Way exit onto Claremont Road, and a southern connection onto Claremont Road where it meets The Vale.

The new High Street runs from Brent Cross Shopping Centre across the North Circular (Tempelhof Avenue bridge), curving to the southwest where Claremont Way currently stands, and then curving back to the southwest to run parallel to the MML and between this and Brent Terrace (it will be behind the Brent Terrace houses, with all development on this section on the western side of the High Street - the eastern side will be green space).

Four existing stations serve the area: Hendon and Brent Cross on London Underground's Northern Line, and Hendon and Cricklewood on the MML (served by Thameslink trains between Luton and Sutton/Wimbledon).

A new railway station is planned at the heart of this development (see below).

New Thameslink Station

The new Thameslink station will be built just off the new High Street, associated with a new pedestrian bridge connecting the current locations of Geron Way and Claremont Way.

Service will potentially be provided by the existing four off-peak trains per hour (tph) between Luton, King's Cross, Blackfriars, Sutton and Wimbledon (8tph peak), although this has not yet been confirmed (the service pattern may be altered to reflect the importance of the new town centre). The station will be designed to handle 40,000 daily passengers, and will have five platform faces; one for each of the existing through lines and an additional south-facing bay platform for terminating trains. The platforms will be able to serve 12-car trains, unlike neighbouring Hendon and Cricklewood (which serve 8-cars, with no plans to extend them).

An increase in the service frequency should be possible with Thameslink 2000. However since capacity is a problem on this very busy line, some proposals suggest that the existing station at Cricklewood would have to close if this new station is constructed, and the future of Hendon station would also be in doubt. These fears are hoped to be reduced with the promise of a high quality bus route linking surrounding areas to the new station.

New Bus Station

Brent Cross bus station will be rebuilt with proper shelter. A higher frequency of buses is expected to pass through here (and other parts of the redevelopment).

High Quality Bus Route

The high quality bus route will run on a route generally free of private traffic between Cricklewood railway station and Brent Cross Underground station, via the new commercial centre, the new railway station and Brent Cross shopping centre. This is expected to be the primary carrier of traffic arriving on the Northern Line.

Cycle & Pedestrian Network

It is intended to improve cycle links to the new High Street area by improving the Brent Cross interchange underpasses, Topaz Walk underpass and Staples Corner footbridges, with a new link added over the new railway station to connect to the Edgware Road.


No current news for this project.

Links & Sources

  1. Barnet Council: Cricklewood - Brent Cross - West Hendon regeneration
  2. Network Rail: application to dispose of railway lands (includes description of new station) [PDF]

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