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Road M25 four-lane widening

The majority of remaining 3-lane sections of the M25 would be widened under a 1.6bn scheme proposed to start in 2006.

Under this 1.6bn scheme which would take up to ten years to complete, the following sections of the M25 would be widened to four lanes in each direction:

  • Junction 1B to 3 (Dartford Crossing to M20 Swanley)
  • Junction 5 to 7 (M26 Sevenoaks to M23 Redhill)
  • Junction 16 to 23 (M40 to A1(M) South Mimms)
  • Junction 23 to 27 (A1(M) South Mimms to M11)
  • Junction 27 to 30 (M11 to A13)

The section past Heathrow from Junction 12 to 16 (M3 to M40) is already being widened to five lanes each way as part of a separate programme of roadworks.

Widening will not please environmentalists who believe that it will just attract more traffic rather than reducing congestion. The recent London "Orbit" Study recommended widening in conjunction with area-wide road user charging.


No current news for this project.

Links & Sources

  1. Orbit multi-modal study
  2. Highways Agency

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