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Other Finsbury Park improvements

A partnership between boroughs and transport authorities saw improvements to the ambience of Finsbury Park, including new ticketing and cycle-parking facilities.

Transport for London, the Finsbury Park Partnership, the London Borough of Islington, the London Borough of Haringey and is supported by Network Rail and WAGN cooperated to carry out improvements to Finsbury Park station.

The improvements to the interchange were directed at three areas: the new cycle parking, the Wells Terrace bus station and the Station Place bus station.

Cycle park

According to the Finsbury Park Partnership, this new secure cycle park on the Park side of Stroud Green Road opened in October 2005. It provides 125 parking spaces which use an electronic lock operated by a smartcard. There is a charge for 24 hours' parking, deducted from prepay held on the smartcard.

Wells Terrace

The works on this bus station on the western side of the railway station have removed an old canopy which trapped exhaust fumes, and replaced them with low-level shelters for each stop.

Station Place

A new WAGN ticket office and larger ticket hall for the railway station as well as improved waiting and information facilities for bus passengers have been provided.


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Finsbury Park cycle park ready
2006-03-23 09:03:25

The new secure cycle park at Finsbury Park station opens tomorrow, with space for 125 bikes.

Work starts on Finsbury Park's Station Place
2005-02-25 07:51:50

Improvement work begins today on the second bus station at Finsbury Park, in Station Place. The work should be complete by spring 2006 and will create better waiting facilities, a new interchange passage and a passenger information office.

Finsbury Park bus improvements begin
2004-12-21 14:58:34

Improvement works to Wells Terrace bus station at Finsbury Park will begin soon as part of TfL's package of improvements for the interchange.

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