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Tram North London Tram

TfL are investigating proposals for a tram in the boroughs of Haringey and Enfield.

This possible tram scheme was mentioned at the Mayor's Question Time on 24 June 2004.

We are working on a tram for North London because when you look at the tram proposals we have " the extension of Croydon into what will become the South London Tram, the Greenwich Waterfront Transit and the East London Transit, which I suspect we will be talking in terms of upgrading into trams by early in the next decade, and the West London Tram, which hopefully one day will go all the way through to Tottenham Court Road " this would build up a ring of tramways in the suburbs, yet North London loses out. We are now examining bringing forward proposals for a North London Tram through Enfield and Haringey and so on, so that all the London suburbs will benefit from trams.

Such a tram would probably operate over the current 329 bus route between Enfield, Palmers Green and Wood Green, and the 29 bus route between Wood Green, Harringay, Manor House, Finsbury Park, Nags Head (Holloway) and Camden. The tram would feed the Piccadilly and Victoria lines from the north and relieve the Piccadilly between Wood Green and Finsbury Park, as well as providing a new route across from northeast London to Camden.

It would meet the Cross River Tram at Camden.

In the short term, the 29 may be converted to bendybus operation.


No current news for this project.

Links & Sources

  1. Mayor's Question Time (West London Tram)
  2. 24 June 2004

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